2019 MDIC Graduates

Selected 2019 Medical Device Innovation Challenge Participants  


ZEPHYRxcreates video games for respiratory therapy. Our games coupled with a custom, breath­activated game controller have shown to increase patient compliance as much as 20X.  In our $1.8M NIH­sponsored clinical trial we apply video games to well­known respiratory therapy exercises to address pneumonia, asthma, COPD and cystic fibrosis. We started our business in 2007 and design, produce and sell worldwide breath­powered musical instruments and breath­powered video game controllers for the disabled.  https://www.zephyrx.com/ 


MedUX:  We are a medical product design and research firm creating innovative solutions for inpatient, at home, and mobile care. Our first product is L-IV (Liberating Intravenous) a Shoulder mounted/portable IV system that allows people in hospital settings or disaster situations to get IV treatment comfortably and efficiently without keeping them tethered to the constant reminder of their sickness being their IV Pole.   


Halomine, Inc., a Cornell spin-off startup, aims to develop a new category of “hydrogel skin” coated urinary catheter with improved infection control outcome as compared to existing silver hydrophilic products currently on the market. This coating innovation is based on a new composition of hydrogel materials (named “HalaGel”) that combined both antimicrobial and anti-immunoreaction chemistries as invented by a Cornell Biological Engineering researcher Mingyu Qiao, co-founder of Halamine, Inc. Selected as a 2019 FuzeHub Commercialization Competition finalist.  https://ctl.cornell.edu/about/startups/halomine-inc/ 

Megan Thomas is working on an innovative new breast pump that will allow women to engage in work, childcare, or even self-care while pumping. Megan's primary goal is to increase gender equality in the workplace by eliminating the time women must spend solely on pumping. She wants to enable women to pump in the physical workplace without social stigma, rather than being banished to a storage closet or bathroom. This innovation, will give women more freedom by changing pumping from an all-consuming task, to something they can do while effectively engaging in other activities. 


CathBuddy, Inc is making urinary intermittent catheters safely reusable in order to raise the standard of care for people with neurogenic bladder while reducing overall healthcare costs.  Started after the founder's good friend sustained a spinal cord injury and became reliant on urinary catheters, CathBuddy, Inc. is committed to developing a user-centered urinary catheterization system that is sustainable, affordable, and above all, healthy. The system is comprised of an at-home sterilization unit, a reusable catheter insertion aid, and a reusable urinary catheter. Selected as a 2019 FuzeHub Commercialization Competition finalist.  https://www.cathbuddy.com/ 


Revital Therapeutics is a tissue engineering company dedicated to creating off-the-shelf tissue grafts for a wide range of conditions and surgical procedures. Like donated tissues, Revital's tissues are composed of 100% native human extracellular matrix, meaning complete biocompatibility and high activity of the growth factors they contain. Unlike donated tissues, our products are produced exclusively in a GMP environment, ensuring strict reproducibility and safety, while at the same time drastically reducing costs. Revital's tissues are optimized for wound healing, able to control inflammation, while at the same time stimulating regrowth at sites of damage and disease.  https://www.revitaltx.com/about-us