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Be a CNYBAC Mentor

CNYBAC Mentors share constructive and impactful wisdom with our entrepreneurial clients who are ultimately developing commercializable innovation. Mentors volunteer their time and also are able to gain access to collaborators within the center.

If you are willing to be a CNYBAC Mentor, please let us know the expertise areas you are willing to volunteer - we will place your name and Mentorship topic(s) on our website - but will not provide your contact information.

Mentor MeetUps are scheduled by the CNYBAC Building Manager at the Mentor's convenience and are held via conference call, at the Mentor's place of business or at the CNYBAC.

Mentors will also receive notices of all CNYBAC events.

If you are willing to serve as a CNYBAC Mentor, complete our on-line form and email it to Kathleen Pazaras at:

  • Sarah Attwood

    Sarah Attwood

    Integ Review IRB
    Director of Business Development

    Sarah Attwood Close

    Sarah Attwood

    Integ Review IRB, Director of Business Development

    Mentoring Topics: Centralized IRB for non University affiliated start-ups

  • Edward Bogucz

    Edward Bogucz

    Syracuse University COE
    Executive Director

    Edward Bogucz Close

    Edward Bogucz

    Syracuse University COE, Executive Director

    Mentoring Topics: Environmental Health

  • Leah Caldwell

    Leah Caldwell

    Upstate Medical University
    Assistant VP of Marketing

    Leah Caldwell Close

    Leah Caldwell

    Upstate Medical University, Assistant VP of Marketing

    Mentoring Topics: Marketing

  • Albert Di Rienzo

    Albert Di Rienzo

    Radicle Innovation, LLC
    President & CEO

    Albert Di Rienzo Close

    Albert Di Rienzo

    Radicle Innovation, LLC, President & CEO

    Mentoring Topics: Commercialization, Funding, Translational research

  • Kathi Durdon

    Kathi Durdon

    CNY Biotech Accelerator
    Operations Director

    Kathi Durdon Close

    Kathi Durdon

    CNY Biotech Accelerator, Operations Director

    Mentoring Topics: Medical device regulations, Usability & Feasibility human factors testing

  • Richard Engel, Esq.

    Richard Engel, Esq.

    Mackenzie Hughes

    Richard Engel, Esq. Close

    Richard Engel, Esq.

    Mackenzie Hughes, Attorney

    Mentoring Topics: Business Legalities

  • Steven Lickstein, Esq

    Steven Lickstein, Esq

    Newman & Lickstein

    Steven Lickstein, Esq Close

    Steven Lickstein, Esq

    Newman & Lickstein, Attorney

    View Bio.

    Steven Lickstein, Esq

    Mentoring Topics: Steven advises all types of companies, from a couple of founders with an idea to more developed companies, in a wide variety of corporate and commercial matters. Steven has experience representing major venture capital firms and many emerging growth companies in the healthcare, biotech, software and information technology industries from the founder's workbench through institutional venture capital financings, mergers and acquisitions, strategic transactions, intellectual property counseling and technology transactions

  • Scott Macfarlane

    Scott Macfarlane

    Upstate Medical University
    Director Tech Transfer

    Scott Macfarlane Close

    Scott Macfarlane

    Upstate Medical University, Director Tech Transfer

    Mentoring Topics: Tech Transfer, Patents, IP

  • Robert Poyer, Esq.

    Robert Poyer, Esq.

    Hancock Estabrook, LLP

    Robert Poyer, Esq. Close

    Robert Poyer, Esq.

    Hancock Estabrook, LLP, Attorney

    Mentoring Topics: Start-Up NY, HIPAA, Stark Compliance, Anti Kickback

  • Mike Riedlinger

    Mike Riedlinger

    High Tech Rochester
    Program Manager

    Mike Riedlinger Close

    Mike Riedlinger

    High Tech Rochester, Program Manager

    Mentoring Topics: Non-profit entrepreneur consulting

  • Neil Ringler

    Neil Ringler

    VP for Research

    Neil Ringler Close

    Neil Ringler

    ESF, VP for Research

    Mentoring Topics: Research Matters

  • Eric Smith

    Eric Smith

    Upstate Medical University
    Senior VP for Finance

    Eric Smith Close

    Eric Smith

    Upstate Medical University, Senior VP for Finance

    Mentoring Topics: Finance

  • Marcie Sonneborn

    Marcie Sonneborn

    Innovation & SBIR Specialist

    Marcie Sonneborn Close

    Marcie Sonneborn

    CNY TDO, Innovation & SBIR Specialist

    Mentoring Topics: SBIR-STTR Guildelines

  • Winthrop Thurlow, Esq

    Winthrop Thurlow, Esq

    Upstate Medical University
    VP of University Compliance

    Winthrop Thurlow, Esq Close

    Winthrop Thurlow, Esq

    Upstate Medical University, VP of University Compliance

    Mentoring Topics: Compliance, legal regulatory and accrediting and Conflicts of Interest

  • Mary Ann Tyszko

    Mary Ann Tyszko

    Excell Partners

    Mary Ann Tyszko Close

    Mary Ann Tyszko

    Excell Partners

    Mentoring Topics: New Venture and Technology Commercialization

  • Carlos N Velez, PhD

    Carlos N Velez, PhD

    Lacerta Bio Inc.

    Carlos N Velez, PhD Close

    Carlos N Velez, PhD

    Lacerta Bio Inc., Partner

    Mentoring Topics: Technology Validation, Out-Licensing to Industry Partners, Business Plan Preparation

  • Emory Creel

    Emory Creel

    Hamilton Numbers

    Emory Creel Close

    Emory Creel

    Hamilton Numbers, Statistician

    Mentoring Topics: Statistician

  • Jamie Wood, MBA

    Jamie Wood, MBA

    Welch Allyn
    Manager, US/C BP Cuffs and Thermometry

    Jamie Wood, MBA Close

    Jamie Wood, MBA

    Welch Allyn, Manager, US/C BP Cuffs and Thermometry

    Mentoring Topics: Portfolio Management, Voice of Customer (VOC), Analyzing Market Conditions

  • Gina Lee-Glauser, PhD

    Gina Lee-Glauser, PhD

    Syracuse University
    Retired VP of Research

    Gina Lee-Glauser, PhD Close

    Gina Lee-Glauser, PhD

    Syracuse University, Retired VP of Research

    Mentoring Topics: Policy and Contract Negotiation, Research Misconduct, Conflict of Interest

  • Steven King

    Steven King

    Central New York International Business Alliance

    Steven King Close

    Steven King

    Central New York International Business Alliance, Director

    Exports, International Trade